Siblings Arrested For Robbing Girl Scouts Of $200 In Cookie Money

Image courtesy of Renee Rendler-Kaplan

Most people look at Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a store and see children learning important lessons about commerce. Every year, though, there’s at least one person who looks at them and sees a big box of cash guarded by little girls. This cookie season, the first criminals accused of having this terrible idea were a brother and sister in Florida, who were arrested yesterday for running off with about $200 in cookie money last weekend.

The crime of opportunity happened at a Walmart store in Deltona on Sunday afternoon. According to police, the troop leader noticed the brother acting strangely and apparently casing the cookie stand, staring at the Scouts’ cash box while asking questions about the cookies.

His older sister, deputies say, was on the scene with a small child. The trio left to get in their car, then the brother ran back, grabbed the money out of a 12-year-old scout’s hands, and ran back to the vehicle.

They were identified based on surveillance camera images, which were released to local news. People who knew the siblings identified them from the images. They’re both in jail and scheduled to appear in court this afternoon.

Brother, sister accused of robbing Girl Scout [News 13] (Thanks, Joe!)

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