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Former Bank Of America VP Accused Of Making $2.7M In Bogus Donations

A former Bank of America executive, along with her husband and another person, have been accused of bank fraud for their alleged involvement in an embezzlement scheme that involved making millions of dollars of fake donations in the bank’s name. [More]

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Video Shows Jimmy John’s Workers Using Dough As Jump Rope

When visiting a fast food restaurant for a bite to eat, we’re generally left in the dark about the goings-on behind the scenes. But every once in a while we get a glimpse of what’s happening in the kitchen, and it’s usually not that great — or sanitary. To that end: a new video appears to show workers at a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Florida using dough for anything other than making bread. [More]

Police: Burger King Worker Tried To Arrange Robbery At Her Own Store

Police: Burger King Worker Tried To Arrange Robbery At Her Own Store

From time to time a would-be robber gets the idea that the best way to get away with a bunch of cash is to steal from a place they know inside and out, like their current or former employer. A Pennsylvania Burger King employee apparently took that idea and made it her own by cooking up a plan to get someone else to rob the restaurant where she worked.  [More]

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Long-Time Walmart Employee Charged With Stealing $240K From Store Over Two-Year Period

Occasionally, Consumerist reports on some less than perfect Walmart employees: the man arrested for stealing cash from a customer and food from the company’s deli, or the woman who allegedly stole $10,000 in cash and gift cards while working as a cashier. While those incidents are indeed bad, they pale in comparison to a long-time employee of the nation’s largest retailer who allegedly stole nearly $250,000 from her employer. [More]

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Six Teens Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $22K Worth Of Merchandise From Kohl’s

It’s not unheard of for an employee to be caught stealing from their employer. But it is a bit unusually for the thieves to be six teenagers and entire theft to total more than $22,000. But that’s exactly what police in Iowa claim happened at a Kohl’s store back in December. [More]