Potato Truck Overturns On Oregon Highway, Creates Massive Hash Brown

The driver of the tractor-trailer that crashed this morning on a highway in Oregon says that he swerved to miss a deer. He lost control of the truck, which rolled over, spilling its cargo on the shoulder. Its cargo of delicious red potatoes.

If you were hoping for a venison-and-potatoes breakfast, that isn’t the case here: the truck driver didn’t appear to hit any of the alleged deer. He did, however, take out about 230 feet of guardrail after losing control of the truck. The accident partially blocked one lane of I-84 early this morning.

The driver was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, but didn’t appear to be injured. Police are looking for possible witnesses to the crash, and want the public to remember that October and November are the months when the most automobile-wildlife crashes occur.

Potatoes mash up I-84 traffic near Arlington [KOIN]

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