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American Airlines Regional Plane Returns To Runway After Striking Deer

Occasionally, we’ll hear of a plane returning to the airport after colliding with a bird or birds upon takeoff –including one incident that resulted in a two-foot dent in a nose of an aircraft — but you don’t often hear about flights returning after other animal strikes. Yet, that’s what happened today when an American Airlines regional jet struck a deer on the runway and began leaking fuel.  [More]


Arby’s Has Just Enough Venison Left To Bring Sandwich To Nebraska For 1 Day

During hunting season this fall, Arby’s introduced a lean red meat that doesn’t normally make the lineup at fast food restaurants: it sold venison steak sandwiches in a few locations in states where deer hunting is popular. After that limited-time offering, the chain apparently has just enough venison left to serve the sandwich for one day in Nebraska. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Arby’s Will Offer Venison Sandwiches This Fall In 6 Deer-Hunting States

In its continuing quest to convince hungry consumers that it is the meat destination, Arby’s is adding a new protein to the menu in certain locations this fall: customers will be able to order venison meat sandwiches at participating restaurants in six states where deer hunting is popular. [More]


Deer Doesn’t Let Bothersome Doors Keep It From Shopping In Thrift Store

There are often some great deals to be scored at your local thrift shop, but what if you didn’t possess the anatomy you need to open the door to go inside? There’s no reason to be frustrated, deer friends, just bust through the window like a buck did in Alabama this week. He needed that $0.25 soft, retro T-shirt soooo bad. [More]