Deer In Liquor Store Makes A $3,000 Mess That He Probably Won’t Even Pay For

It’s rude enough for a deer to make a big mess and break bottles in a liquor store, where it definitely should not be hanging out, but it’s even worse when it leaves without paying. Except that deer shouldn’t even be in stores for humans and also, they don’t use money.

That means a liquor store in Weymouth, Mass. is out $3,000, after a deer wandered in and smashed up the place, as reported by the Boston Globe.

The deer ran into the store and started wreaking havoc, the cashier says — destroying a $205 limited release bottle of Sam Adams Utopia, among other things.

“It was running at full speed,” she said, while the mail carrier who came to help added that it “looked like Bambi.” Because it’s a deer.

The deer managed to bust itself up a bit too, with cuts on its neck and side from cocktail glasses and bottles.

It did manage to careen down an aisle of expensive wines without doing much damage, the owner said, and eventually sprinted out the front door.

As for why it ran in there in the first place — it probably wasn’t out of a thirst for some booze, says the deer and moose project leader at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

“It might have seen a reflection of trees in the window,” he explained. “I think that deer was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The mail carrier thinks Bambi’s gonna be just fine, despite its injuries.

“[It’s] young and strong, and, with the speed that it ran up that street, I believe it’s OK,” he said of the deer’s rapid exit.

Stay off the hard stuff, Mr. Deer. The mess isn’t worth it.

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