Attacking A Cashier, Order Screens Because You’re Unhappy With Your Food Joins Long List Of Customer Overreactions

Image courtesy of Jeepers Media

Another day, another extreme overreaction: police in Dayton, OH say a McDonald’s drive-thru customer who was unhappy with her food went on a rampage in the restaurant, overturning ordering screens and attacking the cashier.

Police arrived on the scene at around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday and found shattered glass on the floor near the registers, and at least one broken monitor, the Dayton Daily News reports.

According to a manager, a woman entered the restaurant and began yelling profanities at a cashier. Although staff offered to make her another sandwich or give her a refund, the woman refused and allegedly knocked over three monitors, threw items off the counter, and went behind the counter to assault the cashier, the police report says.

The cashier said she fought back until other employees were able to break up the fracas. The suspect then fled, police say, and remains unidentified.

She’s definitely not alone in having an extreme reaction in a situation that doesn’t quite merit such an outsized response. And by that we mean, there’s a huge long list of these kinds of situations in just the past few years:

• There was the shopper accused of burning down the mall because she couldn’t find a shopping cart

• The Taco Bell customer who allegedly shot at a store over forgotten sour cream

• A Wendy’s patron who police said trashed the restaurant because she was dissatisfied with her order

• An incident in France where an Apple store customer smashed up the store because the company wouldn’t replace his defective iPhone

• The accused shoplifter who bit off the finger of the Walmart worker who confronted her for stealing

• Drive-thru customers who allegedly attacked a Burger King worker because their order wasn’t ready fast enough

• An angry Wendy’s customer who was arrested for biting a manager because of a mixup in her order

• The all-out brawl at a pizzeria that police said was caused by unwanted cheese on a customer’s order of garlic knots

• A New York City bus passenger who was arrested for hijacking the bus after the driver told her to stop smoking on it

• The guy who was accused of slashing a Dunkin’ Donuts worker in the face after being asked to leave the store

• A McDonald’s customer who ended up in a tie-grabbing, right-hook flying kerfuffle with a worker because he was tired of waiting for his change

• The man who police said shattered a glass door at Waffle House because he was cranky about his bill for sausage biscuits

• A customer who was turned down for a loan who allegedly threatened a Kia dealership with a handgun

• Yet another shoplifting suspect accused of biting someone; this time it was a Target security officer’s arm

• The Macy’s customer who was accused of biting an employee in a dispute over a price

• An unhappy Subway customer who hurled a sandwich and a soda at an employee and then allegedly tried to hit her with her car

• The Taco Bell customers accused of walking into the restaurant after their drive-thru order was incorrect, and assaulting a fellow patron who stood up for staff with a tire iron

• The guy who was so upset that his US Airways flight was overbooked, he stripped naked at the Charlotte Airport to show his displeasure

• A man who police said pitched a condiment-throwing fit over a rest stop’s lack of macaroni and cheese and potatoes

• Accused dine-and-dashers who allegedly ran over a waitress who was trying to confront them about their bill

• The Pizza Hut customer who was apparently so mad that his order got lost, he allegedly drove his car into the restaurant

• A Walmart customer who was caught on tape head-butting a tax worker during an argument in the store

• The bodega customer who was accused of using a stolen credit card and then allegedly trying to set the clerk on fire with Axe body spray

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