Macy’s Customer Accused Of Biting Employee Over Price Dispute

Image courtesy of evil robot 6

When you have a question about the price tag on a department store item, you should raise your concerns with store employees. You should not yell at them or curse them out, and you should definitely not become violent. A Macy’s customer in California was arrested after she allegedly did all of those things, then bit a loss prevention officer on the leg during a price dispute.

Local police say that the customer argued with a store manager over the price of an unnamed item, and became abusive even though she received a discount. It apparently wasn’t enough, and the angry shopper was asked to leave the store. She refused to go.

That’s when the loss prevention officers tried to “escort” her from the store, and she became angry and fought back. According to the police, the officer sustained “minor injuries” as the woman scratched at him and bit him on the leg.

Police arrested the woman for assault and battery when they arrived at the store.

Woman Bites Macy’s Employee Over Price Of Item In Newark Store, Police Say [KCBS]

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