Angry Wendy’s Customer Arrested For Biting Manager For Mixed-Up Order

A Wendy's manager says she was bitten by an angry customer.

A Wendy’s manager says she was bitten by an angry customer.

Fast food restaurants occasionally mix orders up; that’s why most of us spot-check our food before leaving. And while it’s acceptable to be a little perturbed when your order is wrong, it’s not acceptable to express your discontent by biting the manager.

WTVR reports that a 25-year-old Wendy’s customer in Virginia allegedly lashed out at the manager serving her Monday night when her order came out wrong.

The restaurant’s manager says the woman, who she described as a mix of angry and hungry — “hangry” — stormed into the lobby saying she would “come across the counter.”

The incident reportedly began after the patron ordered two spicy chicken sandwiches, but then changed her order to four regular chicken sandwiches.

After threatening to come across the counter, the angry customer did just that, the manager tells WTVR, noting that she had no choice but to defend herself.

“I told her you can’t be in here. You gotta’ go,” the manager recalled saying before the two women began to throw punches.

At that point, the angry customer allegedly took things to the next level, biting the employee.

“She clamped down right above my knee, so I continued to punch her as she was biting me,” she said, while showing WTVR the bite mark.

Police arrived at the scene, arresting the customer and charging her with malicious wounding, intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest, and trespassing.

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