Police: Drive-Thru Customers Attacked Burger King Worker Over Slow Service

We know it can be frustrating to wait for your food to be cooked, bagged, and passed to your eagerly awaiting hands, but it is never okay to throw a fit — or punches — when you grow impatient in the fast food drive-thru line. Police in Florida say two men who were ticked off at how long their Burger King order was taking left their vehicle and took their beef into the restaurant.

The suspects were in line when, cops say, they “became upset about how long their order was taking.”

They left their Ford Ranger and entered the restaurant, where they allegedly started arguing over the food with a worker, reports The Smoking Gun.

Police say one of the men jumped the counter and grabbed items that he then tossed around the restaurant. At some point, a suspect allegedly punched the worker in the jaw, causing him to drop his phone. His alleged attacker then picked up the phone and threw it, breaking it, police noted.

The duo fled the restaurant, and will face misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief charges if they’re apprehended.

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