Customer Turned Down For Loan, Threatens Kia Dealership With Handgun

There are many ways to deal with the situation when you’re turned down for a car loan. You could, for example, try a different dealership, or apply for financing through your own bank or credit union first. We do not recommend the tactic that one man in Kansas took last week, which was to pull out a handgun and threaten Kia dealership employees with it.

According to the police in Wichita, KS, dealership employees called the cops on Friday morning after a customer threatened three employees with a handgun. Police said that the man was part of a young couple who were turned down for a car loan.

His girlfriend, who was also arrested, contacted a local TV station to clarify some things. She told KAKE that the gun was unloaded, and that the real reason why he pulled the weapon was that he “felt threatened” while they were leaving the dealership, and decided to defend himself in the parking lot.

Whatever the case, both members of the couple were arrested for suspicion of aggravated assault and other “minor offenses,” police said, and they were put in jail.

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Couple arrested for allegedly threatening dealership [KAKE] (Thanks, Wayne!)

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