Reminder: Shattering A Glass Door Will Not Lead To Cheaper Sausage Biscuits At Waffle House

Getting upset when you find out a beloved menu item costs more today than yesterday is completely understandable, but damaging a restaurant’s property will not do anything to mitigate that problem. To that end, police in Georgia say a man who was enraged over the increase price of Waffle House’s sausage biscuits shattered a glass door on his way out of the restaurant.

According to law enforcement on the scene early Sunday morning, a 39-year-old man became irate upon receiving his check when he saw that the price of biscuits had gone from $1 to $1.50, reports The Smoking Gun.

First he threw his bill to the floor, and then stormed out — allegedly punching the door as he went, breaking the glass. Police officers tackled him outside the Waffle House and arrested him for felony damage to business property, as well as criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

He claimed he “barely kicked the door” as he was leaving, because “he did not want to open the greasy door with his hand,” according to a police report.

Local police offered some advice to fellow biscuit lovers on their Facebook page: “When the Waffle House employee tells you the sausage biscuit is no longer $1 and the new price is $1.50 please refrain from punching the glass door open while storming out. Glass tends to shatter when met with such force and you will be swiftly taken into custody.”

Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure biscuit prices remain at $1.50 at that Waffle House.

Georgia Man, 39, Arrested Following Sausage Biscuit Rage Incident At Waffle House [The Smoking Gun]

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