Video Shows What Not To Do At McDonald’s When You’re Tired Of Waiting For Your Change



Although we don’t like how often we report on scuffles, brawls and other fights at fast food restaurants, we like to think that each example gives us the opportunity to learn something. In the case of a McDonald’s customer who ended up in a tie-grabbing, right-hook flying kerfuffle with a worker in Minneapolis, the lesson to be learned may be: exhibit patience when waiting for your change.

Though the stories vary between the McDonald’s employee working a Minneapolis drive-thru and his customer over who started the fight, a video shot by a fellow customer shows exactly how heated things got.

A store manager is seen grappling for more than a minute through the window of the drive-thru with the customer, who is clutching the worker’s tie in his hand while receiving blows to the head.

The manager’s family told (warning: video contains link that autoplays) that the customer got upset because it was taking too long for the cashier who’d been working the window to make change for a $100 bill, and that some of the cash then fell on the ground during the handover.

“The guy just got irate and spit on my son’s face,” the store manager’s father told the station. “Then he went to grab at him and he grabbed at my son’s tie. My son was trying to grab back at him and he had to put the quarter pounders on him to get him off him.”

The customer tells a different story, claiming that the manager got very angry and he was “kinda knocked out” by the punches.

“I tried to hold onto his tie just for self-defense I guess,” he told the news station.

The men continued to fight in the parking lot before police arrived to bust up the brawl and take the customer to the hospital to treat minor injuries. It’s unclear if any charges have been filed.

VIDEO: McDonald’s drive-thru customer chokes worker []

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