Taco Bell Customer Allegedly Shoots At Store Over Forgotten Sour Cream

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

It’s understandable that a customer may be a bit ticked off when their bag full of tacos doesn’t include everything they asked for at the drive-thru. But it is never acceptable to take that frustration out on an employee in a violent manner. 

Police in Milwaukee say a customer, reportedly upset that his order didn’t include the sour cream he had asked for, allegedly pulled a gun and shot at the drive-thru window, WISN-TV reports.

Management at the restaurant say the issue began around midnight on Monday when the customer ordered a meal through the drive-thru.

After leaving with his order, the man became upset when he discovered an employee forgot to add sour cream. The customer then called the restaurant, by then closed, and a manager told him to come back the next day for a free meal.

Unsatisfied with that directive, the man returned to the restaurant and shot at a bullet-proof window and an employee’s car.

WISN reports that no one was injured in the incident and police are say the currently do not have the suspect in custody.

Forgotten sour cream leads to Milwaukee fast food shooting [WISN-TV]

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