Robot Driver Continues Time-Honored Tradition Of Totally Freaking Out Drive-Thru Workers

Do you know why we’re so certain the robot uprising is in the future? Because humans just can’t resist the lure of artificial intelligence, even if it’s just to freak out fast food workers at the drive-thru. Which, we must admit, is pretty funny.

Following in the time-honored tradition of scaring the bejesus out of strangers — a pastime YouTube user MagicofRahat previously enjoyed by terrifying drive-thru workers with a skeleton driver — this time it’s an animatronic fella surprising folks with his eerily human visage.

Some workers seem a bit skeptical and aware that they’re being pranked as the robot first pulls up (with his human creator hidden behind him to control the car), a calm exterior that more often than not changes to shrieks of fright when the mechanical man suddenly turns and shouts, “HELLO!”

A personal favorite moment comes when one worker coolly slides the drive-thru window shut and locks it, only to return to accept the robot’s money while bemoaning her lack of a weapon.

The sad thing is? This won’t be nearly as funny when we have driverless cars.

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