Drive-Thru Prank Proves Skeletons Can Still Make Adults Shriek Like Scared Little Kids

Image courtesy of Hello!


The drive-thru lane is no stranger to pranks — from Batman stealing customers’ grub to pranksters hacking into the system to scream obscenities at customers — but this particular brand of joke is pretty darn good. Mostly because it makes grown adults disintegrate into shrieking, terrified little children.

It appears that drive-thru workers fooled by YouTube’s resident fast food prankster MagicofRahat forgot two very simple things:

1. Skeletons don’t need to eat because they are skeletons, thus, they won’t be ordering fast food and

2. Skeletons can’t drive because they’re missing bodily tissues and ALSO THEY ARE DEAD. Can’t blame’em because skeletons are never not scary.

We’re glad there are still some things out there that can reduce people of any age into quivering masses of frightened delight, all for our entertainment , of course. Heck, at least these workers take the whole thing a lot better than when you order at McDonald’s through a Transformers voice distortion helmet.

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