robot uprising?


Not Convinced The Robot Uprising Is Inevitable? Watch This Charger Prototype For Tesla Cars Find Its Target

You know, we’re a little surprised by you, Elon Musk. As a guy who’s said we’re right to be worried about artificial intelligence enslaving the human race, Terminator style, you’d think you wouldn’t go ahead and invent a robot charger that can find its own way to a nearby Tesla and plug in. What’s the next target, our brains?!? [More]

(MagicofRahat on YouTube)

Robot Driver Continues Time-Honored Tradition Of Totally Freaking Out Drive-Thru Workers

Do you know why we’re so certain the robot uprising is in the future? Because humans just can’t resist the lure of artificial intelligence, even if it’s just to freak out fast food workers at the drive-thru. Which, we must admit, is pretty funny. [More]

(The Consumerist)

Bank Of America Introduces ATMs With Live Remote Tellers On Video Screens

Instead of screaming in frustration at an unresponsive machine, Bank of America is introducing the potential for customer to interact with more than just a hunk of machinery by way of its new remote teller video ATMs. And this isn’t some weird computer-generated customer service tool, the ATM will have a live video link for certain transactions. [More]