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Taco Bell Ditching The Drive-Thru At More Than 300 New Restaurants

Taco Bell plans to open more than 300 new locations around the country by 2022, but those restaurants will be missing something we’re all accustomed to: the drive-thru. [More]

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More Than 160 Customers ‘Paid It Forward’ At One Starbucks Drive-Thru

Every once in a while generous consumers will “pay it forward” by buying their fellow customers coffee, diapers, lunch, or other items. These feel-good chains usually peter out after a few customers, but not for dozens of customers at one Pennsylvania Starbucks. [More]

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McDonald’s Worker Jumps Through Drive-Thru Window To Help Unconscious Cop

We’ve heard stories of things that are not food unexpectedly going through a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru window — alligators and sacks full of money, for example — but in Florida this week, it was a human being jumping through the opening in an attempt to help an unconscious off-duty police officer. [More]

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Burger King Manager, Employee Allegedly Ran Drug Operation Through Drive-Thru Window

Customers ordering “fries extra crispy” at a New Hampshire Burger King were apparently getting more than crunchy potato sticks. Authorities say they arrested two employees of the fast food restaurant for allegedly running a drug operation.  [More]


Pranksters Reportedly “Hack” McDonald’s Drive-Thru To Be Vulgar To Customers

There are any number of issues one might encounter when ordering at the drive-thru of their local fast food restaurant — the intercom is broken, you can’t hear the employee, or you receive the wrong order. Customers of one North Carolina McDonald’s recevied a different surprise when placing an order: The “employee” on the other end of the intercom was shouting rude and vulgar language back at them. [More]

Guy Who Threw Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window Gets Probation, Ordered To Stay Away From Wendy’s

Remember the guy who chucked a live alligator through the open window of a Wendy’s drive-thru? Of course you do, because who throws alligators? He’s now paying for his self-proclaimed “stupid prank” with a year of probation and an order to stay away from the chain restaurant. [More]

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McDonald’s Customer Run Over By Her Own Car In Drive-Thru

Though the drive-thru at fast food restaurants serves a very simple, transactional purpose, sometimes what happens there is far from expected — and can even be dangerous. To that end, police in Pennsylvania say a McDonald’s customer ended up at the hospital after her own car ran over her in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane. [More]

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5 People Injured After SUV Turns CVS Store Into A Drive-In

In yet another incident of a driver creating a drive-thru store where there used to be none, an SUV slammed into a CVS in New York, leveling a glass and brick wall and sending five people to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. [More]

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Man Accused Of Giving Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru Staff A Peep Show They Never Asked For

There are many things fast food staff working in the drive-thru have probably had to see that they didn’t want to, we have no doubt. Workers at a New Hampshire Dunkin’ Donuts just added one more to their list, after a man allegedly cruised through the drive-thru while exposing his genitals. [More]

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Oldest McDonald’s In U.S. Might Be Getting A Drive-Thru

Last year, the world’s oldest Taco Bell, located in Downey, CA, was facing the wrecking ball. While that eatery was eventually saved and relocated, another long-standing establishment in the city is now facing its own big change. The country’s oldest McDonald’s is about to get a 21st century facelift: a drive-thru.  [More]

Police: Drive-Thru Customers Attacked Burger King Worker Over Slow Service

Police: Drive-Thru Customers Attacked Burger King Worker Over Slow Service

We know it can be frustrating to wait for your food to be cooked, bagged, and passed to your eagerly awaiting hands, but it is never okay to throw a fit — or punches — when you grow impatient in the fast food drive-thru line. Police in Florida say two men who were ticked off at how long their Burger King order was taking left their vehicle and took their beef into the restaurant. [More]

McDonald’s Has A Plan To Make Sure What You Order At The Drive-Thru Is What You Get

McDonald’s Has A Plan To Make Sure What You Order At The Drive-Thru Is What You Get

You probably know the feeling: the little hunger monkeys in your stomach are pitching a fit,demanding to be fed, and you’re finally opening up the bag of food the drive-thru worker has handed you… and your order is wrong. The hunger monkeys fly into a rage and you’re forced to go back and ask the restaurant to make it right. McDonald’s is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen with a new plan to prevent orders from getting mucked up. [More]


Stolen School Bus Turns Vitamin Shoppe Into A Drive-Thru Store

It’s a very fortunate thing that Vitamin Shoppe isn’t open at 3:20 in the morning, after someone driving a stolen school bus crashed through the front of a Pennsylvania location, ending up completely inside the store. [More]

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Starbucks Will Add Live Barista Video To 2,400 Drive-Thrus

When shouting your order into a personality-free loudspeaker at Starbucks, do you ever wish that you could make eye contact with the barista? The chain will be adding video screens to drive-thru lanes after successfully experimenting with the idea in Seattle. The screen will have a selection of menu items in addition to the potentially cheerful face of the person taking your order. [More]

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Robot Driver Continues Time-Honored Tradition Of Totally Freaking Out Drive-Thru Workers

Do you know why we’re so certain the robot uprising is in the future? Because humans just can’t resist the lure of artificial intelligence, even if it’s just to freak out fast food workers at the drive-thru. Which, we must admit, is pretty funny. [More]

Someone Is Planning A Drive-Thru Grocery Store In Silicon Valley: Maybe Amazon

Someone Is Planning A Drive-Thru Grocery Store In Silicon Valley: Maybe Amazon

A real estate developer has filed building plans for an 11,000-square foot grocery pickup facility in Sunnyvale, CA, but won’t say who their client is. Sunnyvale is the Silicon Valley town where Yahoo is based, but word in the local real estate community is that their new grocer isn’t a local startup: it’s Amazon. [More]

Consumers’ Changing Banking Habits Led To 1,400 Bank Of America Branches Shuttering, More Cuts To Come

Consumers’ Changing Banking Habits Led To 1,400 Bank Of America Branches Shuttering, More Cuts To Come

Over the past several years, Bank of America has revamped the way it provides banking services in an effort to cut costs and respond to consumers’ changing banking habits. Those operation modifications have not only included shutting down some drive-thru windows, but the closure of nearly a fifth of the company’s branches. [More]


Guy Stuck Forever With Video Evidence Of His Doomed McDonald’s Drive-Thru Marriage Proposal

When you close your eyes and think of the place where you might want something very, very romantic to happen, does that place have a distinct smell of fried food and perhaps a crackly voice coming over a PA asking if you want to make your meal a combo? Someone out there, sure, but it wasn’t the ideal scenario for one woman whose boyfriend posted the evidence of his drive-thru failure of a marriage proposal. [More]