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Even Police Can Fall Victim To Card Skimming Devices

Even Police Can Fall Victim To Card Skimming Devices

You might think that you’re too savvy to be tricked into slipping your credit card into a skimming device that steals your account info, but you’re probably not. Just ask the Indiana State Police, whose troopers were fooled by one skimmer, and who are now using the incident as a teachable moment for everyone. [More]

Close, but no cigar. (CRI Group @ NTU on YouTube)

It’s Not Just You: Robots Are Also Bad At Assembling IKEA Furniture

If you’re the kind of person who’s terribly afraid of the impending robot revolution as well as someone who struggles when it comes to putting together IKEA furniture, we’ve got some good news for you: robots are also pretty bad at it, so maybe that’ll delay the artificial intelligence uprising somewhat. [More]

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Apple Offers To Fix Cameras That Take Blurry Photos On Some iPhone 6 Plus Phones

Can’t take a photo on your iPhone 6 Plus that doesn’t come out blurry? You’re not alone: Apple says it’s recalling a select batch of the Plus phones to fix an issue with the iSight camera that can make even your best efforts come out wobbly. [More]