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Here’s How Colombia Is Trying To Keep Cocaine Out Of Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

When you stick your face into a fresh bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers and take a deep whiff, you’re not expecting to inhale a bunch of cocaine. That would be a huge problem, and one that flower exporters in South America are working hard to prevent in order to protect their business (and your noses). [More]

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Snuggle Up And Share Some Valentine’s Day Specials And Meal Deals

People love to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, and that means restaurants are competing for your business. If what you and your significant other share is a love of frugality, the holiday is a fine time to find discounts and deals on meals out. Or heart-shaped pizzas. [More]

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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Could Be Cheaper This Year Amid Big Cocoa Harvests

If you’re waiting until the last minute to run out and buy your sweetie some sweets ahead of Valentine’s Day tomorrow — or maybe you’re planning to treat yourself — you’ll probably be glad to hear that that box of chocolate hearts could be cheaper than it was last year. [More]

Almost Half Of Netflix Customers Are Streaming Cheaters

Almost Half Of Netflix Customers Are Streaming Cheaters

Tonight, when you’re settling on the couch with your loved one and a giant pile of snacks, take a closer look at your partner: Do they look like they’ve been doing something so despicable, so hateful and mean, that you might not ever forgive them? Or… do you have a bad behavior you’d like to admit? If you’re like almost half the world, someone is Netflix cheating in your relationship. [More]


White Tablecloth & Bottle Of Wine Turned Couple’s Taco Bell Meal Into Valentine’s Love Feast

Depending on your point of view, this is either the classiest Taco Bell meal ever, or a cheapo way of getting out of making a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation. [More]

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Kenya Is Now The World’s 4th Largest Flower Grower

If you give or receive any flowers this Valentine’s Day, they were most likely imported from somewhere with a much warmer climate and lower wages than the United States. On Valentine’s Day, when tradition demands that massive amounts of roses be ready all at once, many of the flowers delivered or aavailable for sale may have come from Kenya, which has a great climate for delivering roses in mid-February, and has less demand from its recent biggest customers. [More]

Protect Your Heart (And Wallet) From These Valentine’s Day Scams

Protect Your Heart (And Wallet) From These Valentine’s Day Scams

This is the year. It’s the year you’ll wake up on Feb. 15 without the stinging sensation of intense regret that inevitably follows after mourning Valentine’s Day at the bottom of a booze bottle, covered in bits of melted chocolate stuck to you in your sleep, because your beloved turned out to be a scammer. Because this year, you’re going to be prepared for any romance scams that may come your way. [More]


Solo Diner Sues Portland Restaurant For $100K Claiming Staff Refused To Serve Her On Valentine’s Day

On the one hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a table for one for Valentine’s Day, or any day. On the other hand, restaurants want to fit as many patrons as they can on busy nights like Feb. 14. So is it wrong to boost a patron when the other half of her reservation can’t make it? [More]

Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Floral Disaster And Floral Delight

Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Floral Disaster And Floral Delight

Valentine’s Day isn’t the biggest flower-sending holiday on the calendar. That would be Mothers’ Day. It remains an important flower-giving holiday, though, and one during which florists need to obtain massive quantities of red roses. Here’s one flower delivery that went terribly wrong, and one that turned out beautifully. [More]

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Florist Wire Services Try To Sort Out Frozen Flowers Disaster Via Twitter

Earlier today, we highlighted the feat of globalization that brings millions of red roses to our doorsteps on one specific date. Unfortunately, mid-February this year is a time of bitterly cold temperatures in much of the country. Cool temperatures preserve cut flowers, but cold temperatures can destroy cut flowers and kill live plants. That’s why this Valentine’s Day hasn’t been so great for the national flower-delivery brands. [More]

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How Millions Of Roses Are Ready Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

It would make a lot of people in the flower business very happy if we would just reschedule Valentine’s Day to sometime in July. If we would do that, they wouldn’t have to rush to transport millions of roses from warm climates to colder ones before the very firm deadline of February 14. We’re stuck with that date, and that’s why farmers and wholesalers need to use plant hormones, heaters, fans, and passenger jets to get roses ready at just the right time. [More]

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Whole Foods, Instacart Take On Florists With Valentine’s Flower Deliveries

There could be a new war of the roses brewing this Valentine’s Day. Whole Foods Market and its app-based delivery partner Instacart announced this week that they will challenge traditional florists– and the often-disappointing telefloral industrial complex —  with special Valentine’s Day flower deliveries. [More]

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Qdoba Wants You To Smooch A Stranger For Free Food On Valentine’s Day

We received an e-mail today from burrito eatery Qdoba bout their Valentine’s Day promotion. We didn’t think that this was possible, but on some level it is even more disturbing than the current McDonald’s campaign where customers can call loved ones or hug each other instead of paying for their food with cash. Qdoba promises a free burrito with their new cheesy sauce…if you buy a first burrito, and if you kiss someone on demand. [More]

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Survey: Valentine’s Day Spending Drops After Saying “I Do”

Skeptics have long claimed that the romance of a relationship fades after marriage, and results of a new survey may bolster that argument — at least if you equate “romance” with “how much money you spend on Valentine’s Day.” [More]


Sex Toy Retailers Stocking Up To Prepare For ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Valentine’s Day Premiere

If there’s one industry that’s been missing out on marketing opportunities linked to big budget feature films, it’s got to be the sex toy industry. Because before Christian Grey and his room full of educational tools got everyone’s moms and aunts texting things we’d rather not read, there really wasn’t an opportune time to peddle promotional Kegel balls. [More]


Show That Ex Your True Feelings This Valentine’s; Adopt A Cockroach In Their Name

Valentine’s Day is generally a time when you share your love and admiration for your beloved by shelling out an absurd amount of money for flowers, chocolates and dinner. What the day usually fails to recognize is people’s disdain for their ex-significant others. Alas, the San Francisco Zoo feels your pain and is offering scorned partners the chance to feel better by adopting a gross, ugly, scary animal in the name of their exes. [More]


Americans Will Spend $703 Million On Valentine’s Day Gifts For Pets

Do you like to celebrate holidays with your pet? The National Retail Federation asked Americans how much we plan to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts for our pets, it adds up to $703 million across the whole critter economy. [More]

White Chocolate Raspberry Fights Red Velvet To Become Official Valentine’s Day Flavor

White Chocolate Raspberry Fights Red Velvet To Become Official Valentine’s Day Flavor

As February approaches, it’s time for a Flavor Battle. The fast-food, candy, and coffee-shop industries must decide what the official natural and artificial flavor of Valentine’s Day is. Is it red velvet or white chocolate raspberry? These two flavors must battle it out to become the pumpkin spice of early February. Dunkin’ Donuts has cast its vote, introducing white chocolate raspberry flavored coffee and lattes. The chain apparently believes that red velvet is a Christmas flavor, having put it on their 2013 holiday novelty drink menu. [The Impulsive Buy] [More]