Survey: Valentine’s Day Spending Drops After Saying “I Do”

(via Rakuten)

(via Rakuten)

Skeptics have long claimed that the romance of a relationship fades after marriage, and results of a new survey may bolster that argument — at least if you equate “romance” with “how much money you spend on Valentine’s Day.”

This is according to a survey by Rakuten, which found that married people plan to spend around $136 to celebrate their love this Feb. 14, which is $18 less than engaged couples.

On the silver-lining side, that $136 is also $18 more than the $118 that folks who are merely dating each other plan to spend.

Maybe it’s not that people spend less on Valentine’s after they get hitched, so much as it’s evidence that engaged people spend more during that brief pre-wedding period. You’ll be married for (hopefully) the rest of your life, but you’re only engaged once (at least to that person… in most cases).

Amazingly, some people are not only buying their bosses Valentine’s gifts, but are spending an average of $89 to do so.

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