White Tablecloth & Bottle Of Wine Turned Couple’s Taco Bell Meal Into Valentine’s Love Feast

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

Depending on your point of view, this is either the classiest Taco Bell meal ever, or a cheapo way of getting out of making a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation.

A New Orleans-area man tells WWLTV that he tried to make legitimate V-Day dinner reservations to romance his girlfriend, but that all the local eateries were booked or only offered late-evening seatings.

So did he run to the supermarket to cook up a special meal at home? No, not when there’s a Taco Bell willing to let the happy couple “reserve” a table.

They also let the lovebirds bring in a white tablecloth, dinnerware, wine glasses, and most importantly some wine.

Restaurant staff even took their order at the table and served their meal on the plates he’d purchased especially for the evening.

“They came out to the table occasionally to see how everything was and if we needed refills,” the man tells WWLTV. “The manager came by and said what a great idea it was and how they might try to incorporate the Valentine’s Day idea for next year.”

If so, they wouldn’t be the first fast food joint to do so. Some McDonald’s franchises have been offering candlelit dinner for the last few years.

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