Qdoba Wants You To Smooch A Stranger For Free Food On Valentine’s Day

Image courtesy of (Jeramey Jannene)

We received an e-mail today from burrito eatery Qdoba bout their Valentine’s Day promotion. We didn’t think that this was possible, but on some level it is even more disturbing than the current McDonald’s campaign where customers can call loved ones or hug each other instead of paying for their food with cash. Qdoba promises a free burrito with their new cheesy sauce…if you buy a first burrito, and if you kiss someone on demand.

Now, you can bring your own person to smooch, which is probably what most diners will do. What left the Consumerist staff slightly disturbed was their suggestion that you kiss “a willing stranger” in order to get that free second burrito. (And eat two burritos? Or give the second one to the person you have just kissed? We are confused.)

Here’s how the promo works: the chain is introducing a new sauce for their Smothered Burritos next week, and the promotion is meant to get people to try the new sauce and celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you order any burrito slathered with the new “Savory Queso” sauce, you can get a free one after smooching someone. Who are you smooching? Qdoba helpfully suggests “a loved one, friend or even a willing stranger.” Well, as long as that stranger is willing.

The Consumerist Editor Brain Trust weighed in on this promo, with reactions ranging from “Ew” to “Gross” to “Do not approve.”

An unnamed editor: “Go molest a stranger in order to get gross crap on your otherwise okay burrito so you can both get them for free.” Uh, no.

Another unnamed editor: I just picture mouths slathered in sauce. Blech.

In other words, we won’t be there. If slathered burritos and kissing on demand are what you’re into, though, we won’t judge: this could be the deal for you.

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