More Valentine’s Day Mishaps From Proflowers

"Crap" was not an option.

“Crap” was not an option on the site.

Mykel picked out a lovely bouquet for his fiancée from Proflowers, but the lovely and lush bouquet isn’t what showed up on her desk. What she got had a lot fewer flowers than it had looked like on the site.

He sent us the above pictures. We enhanced the captions a little bit. Maybe “crap” is overstating things, but it’s still not worth the high holiday prices.

I ordered what was known as the Pretty Please bouquet in the deluxe size via Florist Express. On Proflowers’ and Florist Express’ websites you can see representative images of the bouquets in the various sizes. The standard size shows 5 of each flower, deluxe shows 7, and premium shows 9 of each individual flower. The sites do not, however, explicitly say how many flowers are in each bouquet. I purchased the deluxe and had it delivered for Valentine’s day.

When my fiancée sent me a picture of the flowers I was quite disappointed (as many of your readers were). The bouquet contained only 3 of each flower. I called Proflowers via the number in their confirmation email. After an hour wait on hold the first operator hung up on me after I explained I was dissatisfied with my flowers and would like to know if he could help me. I called back, only holding for 10 minutes this time. After explain I was hung up on and being apologized to profusely this operator explained to me that because I ordered from Florist Express (he could tell because of my order number) that I had to call a different 800 number. He gave it to me rather than transferring the call. Another 45 minute wait on hold and I was through to another operator. I explained my bouquet was not what the website represented. I had received only 3 of each flower when the website showed 5 for the standard and 7 flowers of each type for the deluxe, the one I ordered. She explained that the deluxe only comes with 3 of each flower and said the website image was only representative of the largest size. After explaining that the website shows all 3 sizes and none of them were as small as my supposedly deluxe bouquet she said she had been told the exact same thing by other customers earlier in the day and she made note of it. She then offered 20% off the order. I decided it wasn’t good enough and asked for a supervisor, which she immediately transferred me to. After giving her my order number again the supervisor told me I was in contact with the wrong company and needed to call Proflowers for a refund. I refused and insisted she deal with me. I told her I had already been handed to them from Proflowers. She took my email and phone number and said a manager would contact me in 48 hours to give me a refund or a free bouquet, my choice. 96 hours later no response. I called them back and explained the situation to the first operator and gave her my order number. She checked my account and asked if I wanted a refund. I said yes please. She pushed it through and I got a refund confirmation email the next day. I guess I should have started reading Consumerist sooner, I’d have saved myself the hassle and stuck with a local florist.

Well, we can’t disagree with a post where the ultimate lesson learned is that everyone should read Consumerist.

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