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Delta Passenger Blames Edible Marijuana For July Attack On Flight Attendant

A Florida man who was arrested after allegedly attacking a flight attendant on a flight in July — starting a brawl that injured two others — claims the incident was triggered by some edible marijuana he’d eaten before getting on the plane. [More]


American Airlines: No, Passenger’s Farts Didn’t Make Entire Plane Sick

It made an irresistable weekend news story: The passengers on an American Airlines flight became sick and had to leave the plane because of the overpowering flatulence of one person on the flight. American now says that isn’t true, but the story made it to news outlets around the world first. [More]

The Acting Chairman Of The FTC Does Not Want Your Bank Info

The Acting Chairman Of The FTC Does Not Want Your Bank Info

While you may be flattered to receive an email that’s purportedly from Maureen Ohlhausen, the acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, we’ve got to break it to you: She isn’t going to email you, and even if she did, she would definitely not ask you for your bank account information. [More]

Almost Half Of Netflix Customers Are Streaming Cheaters

Almost Half Of Netflix Customers Are Streaming Cheaters

Tonight, when you’re settling on the couch with your loved one and a giant pile of snacks, take a closer look at your partner: Do they look like they’ve been doing something so despicable, so hateful and mean, that you might not ever forgive them? Or… do you have a bad behavior you’d like to admit? If you’re like almost half the world, someone is Netflix cheating in your relationship. [More]

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Driver Says Police Radar Confused His Car With A Really Fast Deer

My speedometer must be broken…. You must have me confused with another car… I think your radar gun needs calibrating… I think that super-fast deer over there is the one who should get the ticket… One of these statements is not a common excuse for trying to get out of a speeding ticket. [More]

Netflix’s Twitter Account Apparently Hacked Briefly

Netflix’s Twitter Account Apparently Hacked Briefly

UPDATE: The same hacking group that hit Netflix earlier today is also claiming responsibility for compromising several Marvel Twitter accounts. [More]

Woman Hit With $9,100 Verizon Wireless Bill For Data She Says She Didn’t Use

A Florida woman who says she barely ever uses her monthly allotment of data recently received a bill from Verizon Wireless for $9,153, claiming she had used 569 GB of data in the span of about 10 days. [More]

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Customer Claims Uber Driver Staged Vomit Scene To Collect Bogus $200 Cleaning Charge

If you own a car that you use to drive strangers around in, it’s a nasty, expensive surprise when one of your passengers vomits up their dinner/night on the town in your car. But one Uber customer says she was hit with a $200 fine for a phantom puking session that never happened while she and her friends were in the car. Instead, she claims the driver faked the whole thing just to collect the dough. [More]

Judge Tosses Drunk-Driving Charge Against Woman Whose Body Acts As A Brewery

Judge Tosses Drunk-Driving Charge Against Woman Whose Body Acts As A Brewery

We learned a few years ago that there is a real medical condition where a person’s body basically turns into a brewery through no actions of their own. Though it can result in a drunken-like state that some might chalk up to simple inebriation, auto-brewery syndrome is involuntary, and as such, helped one woman who has it beat a drunk driving charge. [More]

Police: Man Planning A Burglary Tipped Off Officials After Butt-Dialing 9-1-1

Police: Man Planning A Burglary Tipped Off Officials After Butt-Dialing 9-1-1

There are many ways to get caught in the act, but one guaranteed method to landing in hot water is calling the police directly and letting them know what you’re planning. Although one man accused of burglarizing homes in New Jersey didn’t mean to bring the cops in on his plan, his backside did all the dialing, calling up 9-1-1 just as he was allegedly discussing his plans. [More]


How One Guy Ended Up With $1,500 In Toll Bills For Car He Says He Sold Two Years Ago

When you sell a car, you don’t expect to be charged every time its new driver goes through a toll. But that’s exactly what’s happened to one Texas man, who says he sold his car in a Craigslist deal two years ago: since the day after that sale closed, he’s received more than $1,500 in toll bills that he claims he shouldn’t have to pay. [More]

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Arizona Motor Vehicles Department Accidentally Issues Licenses, ID Cards With Wrong Photos

It’s all fine and good to have driver’s permit/some kind of legal identification, but the thing is, it doesn’t really work if the photo on that document isn’t you. Arizona’s Motor Vehicles Department said it’s gotten reports of drivers receiving identification cards and permits with photos of strangers on them, prompting concern that maybe their information is being shared with others as well. [More]


Feds: Strippers Drugged Rich Men, Scammed Them Out Of At Least $200K At Clubs

A few months back we heard about a doctor who claimed he’d been drugged and scammed out of a chunk of money at strip clubs, and we’ll admit — we were skeptical at the time. But federal officials say rich men have been targeted by a group of New York City strippers, claiming that the women went around drugging men to get them to spend big at strip clubs. [More]

MasterCard Extends Zero-Liability Policy To ATM & PIN Transactions

MasterCard Extends Zero-Liability Policy To ATM & PIN Transactions

While both MasterCard and Visa have zero-liability policies for fraudulent transactions made by swiping a card or using the card number online or over the phone, that same level of protection has not been afforded to all cardholders for bogus ATM withdrawals or PIN-based purchases. However, MasterCard announced today that it is extending the zero-liability policy in the U.S. to include these two types of transactions. [More]


Man Claims He Rang Up $135K Strip Club Bill Because He Was Drugged — 4 Different Nights

It’s one thing to have a wild and crazy night where you wake up and think, “Hmm, maybe some things happened last night that I don’t remember,” but to ring up over $100,000 at the same strip club and then claim you were drugged — four nights out of 10? That might be a tougher tale to tell convincingly. [More]

Man Blames Google+ For Violating His Ex’s Restraining Order By Sending Her An Invite

Man Blames Google+ For Violating His Ex’s Restraining Order By Sending Her An Invite

It’s bad enough when you’ve got friends in common with an ex, thus making it that much more difficult to fully sever the connection when the relationship is over. But one guy says Google+ is even worse and is the reason he found himself in jail for violating a restraining order his ex-girlfriend had against him. [More]