McDonald’s Will Allow Some Customers To Pay With Selfies, Hugs & High Fives Next Week

In its latest effort porving that McDonald’s is going to cling to this Lovin’ thing and never, ever let it go, the fast-food chain has a new Super Bowl ad promising to reward touchy-feely customers with free food, in exchange for selfies, hugs, high fives and anything else the company deems to be in line with Lovin’.

While it’s unclear how many hugs McDonald’s had to pay for its 30-second $4.5 million spot, the company says it’ll be accepting hugs and photos of people in return for food, during pre-selected times between Feb. 2 and 14.

“From selfies, hugs to high fives – we have a bunch of fun ways to express your Lovin’,” McDonald’s says, showing people embracing each other in front of the cashier or calling

Customers will be chosen randomly by McDonald’s employees to “Pay with Lovin’,” a spokeswoman tells ABC News.

“We want to thank our customers for making our day and hopefully they will make someone else’s as well – that’s what Lovin’ is all about,” she said.

Not much lovin’ was reserved for Mickey D’s CEO Don Thompson, who announced this week he’s stepping down March 1 after three years on the job. CEO Steve Esterbook has moved into the role, but it’s unclear how many high fives he accepted in his salary package. Certainly more of those than selfies. Who wants a selfie anyway? No one but yourself, hence the name.

You can watch the ad below if you’re into that kind of thing. My favorite is the grumpy guy who’s all, “Why don’t you just tell me how much I owe you?”

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