Bloodhound Sniffs Out Pizza Thieves Who Lured Delivery Driver To Abandoned House

It’s not an episode of Scooby-Doo* but a recent crime caper in California does sound pretty darn close: A police bloodhound came to the rescue after teens lured a Domino’s delivery driver to an abandoned house and then robbed him of both money and pizza. [More]

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Apple Store Thieves Run Off With $24K In Useless Products

If you’ve browsed an Apple Store recently, you may notice that the display devices are no longer tethered to their docks or tables. That’s because new security measures mean that the devices don’t work outside of the store. Maybe no one told the five young men who ran off with with more than 20 devices that can only really be used as pretty paperweights. [More]

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Bank Robbery Suspect Caught Eating Lunch Joins Long List Of Accused Criminals Who Were Their Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes, it doesn’t take an exhaustive manhunt or an intense investigation to catch an accused criminal. Sometimes, like in the case of a robbery suspect who was nabbed after he stopped nearby to grab lunch, bad consumers are simply their own worst enemy. [More]

Police: Burger King Worker Tried To Arrange Robbery At Her Own Store

Police: Burger King Worker Tried To Arrange Robbery At Her Own Store

From time to time a would-be robber gets the idea that the best way to get away with a bunch of cash is to steal from a place they know inside and out, like their current or former employer. A Pennsylvania Burger King employee apparently took that idea and made it her own by cooking up a plan to get someone else to rob the restaurant where she worked.  [More]

Police say a man stole $100K worth of prescription medication from a Walgreens on Monday.

Walgreens Shoplifter Walks Out Of Store With $100K In Prescription Drugs

In the past, Walgreens has been a target for ne’er-do-wells: there were the three people caught with more than 125 stolen credit cards, and before that, the shoplifting ring accused of stealing more than $15,000 in merchandise. But those cases pale in comparison to a brazen robbery in Florida this week in which a man forced open the pharmacy department door and made off with $100,000 in prescription drugs.  [More]

Thief Commandeers Forklift In Failed ATM Heist

Thief Commandeers Forklift In Failed ATM Heist

ATMs tend to weigh quite a bit, that may be why would-be thieves often rely on the help of big machinery when attempting to make off with one of the money dispensing apparatuses — or its contents. Once such case occurred early this morning in North Dakota where ne’er-do-well(s) commandeered a forklift and tried to pilfer the contents of a Wells Fargo cash machine.  [More]


Police Arrest Man On Suspicion Of Knocking Over Girls’ Lemonade Stand, Stealing $30

As any ambitious kid (or former kid) who’s tried to bring in a big haul from running a sidewalk lemonade stand knows, it isn’t easy to make a lot of money from selling drinks for a nickel (or $1, whatever a cup of lemonade goes for these days). Two young entrepreneurial spirits faced an even tougher situation for their fledgling business, after police say a guy overturned their lemonade stand and made off with all their profits. [More]

Walmart Manager Accused Of Conspiring In $78,000 Robbery

Walmart Manager Accused Of Conspiring In $78,000 Robbery

In the past, Consumerist has reported on several employees who could certainly take the title of worst employee at Walmart: the man arrested for stealing cash from a customer and food from the company’s deli, the woman who allegedly stole $10,000 in cash and gift cards while working as a cashier, or the long-time employee who stole $250,000 over several years. Today, we add another candidate to the list: an Oklahoma store manager who allegedly conspired to help another man steal $78,000 from the store. [More]

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Suspect In Mall Pretzel Stand Robbery Hides Out In Same Mall’s Chili’s

Last night, something scary happened at the Macomb mall in Michigan: a man passed a pretzel stand employee a note demanding cash and stating that he had a gun. The employee handed over cash, and the robber left on foot. Police and mall security didn’t have to look very far, it turns out… they spotted the suspect at a standalone Chili’s restaurant that shares a parking lot with the mall. [More]

Popeyes Manager Fired After Armed Robbery Returns To Work Tomorrow, Announces Plans To Sue

Popeyes Manager Fired After Armed Robbery Returns To Work Tomorrow, Announces Plans To Sue

Last week, we shared the story of a Popeyes shift manager who was fired after an armed robbery while she was on duty. Depending on whether you ask the manager or the franchisee, she was fired for refusing to pay back the $400 taken in the robbery, or for keeping too much money in the cash drawer at a time. After the story made headlines nationwide, she received a job offer and an apology from the store’s owner, and says that she plans to sue for emotional distress. [More]


Calling In A Fake Taco Bell Robbery Is Not An Effective Way To Get Out Of A Traffic Stop

There are a number of ways people might attempt to get out of a traffic ticket: crying, apologizing profusely, or politely requesting a warning, just to name a few. But one thing you definitely should never do is call in a fake robbery at the local Taco Bell, because that will only end with more tickets and a felony arrest warrant. [More]

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Man Arrested After Allegedly Going On Fast Food Robbery Spree At Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, And White Castle

Visiting more than one fast food joint in a single day isn’t unheard of, but robbing three restaurants and attempting to rob a fourth in one day isn’t so common. But that’s exactly what police in Chicago say a man did earlier this week. [More]


Throwing Rubbing Alcohol During A Robbery Constitutes Use Of A Dangerous Weapon

There are a number of things we couldn’t imagine a would-be thief using during an attempted robbery. One of those things is rubbing alcohol. But that’s exactly what police say a man used to rob a Oklahoma Walgreens on Monday. [More]


Authorities Claim Alleged Thieves Used Drones To Case Victims Before Robbery

So far we know that drones can be used for any number of activities from delivering medicine in Germany to improving sight-seeing near the Space Needle. Now we’re learning they’ve been used for more sinister extra curricular activities, specifically by alleged criminals to case prospective targets. [More]


Police: Man Held Up Waffle House With A Pitchfork, Stole Cash Register

Just because your methods are somewhat antiquated doesn’t mean you can get away with allegedly robbing a Waffle House using a pitchfork as your method of force. Police in Georgia are looking for a man accused of forcing Waffle House employee into the back of the restaurant with the farming tool so he could plunder the register. [More]

Spider-Man Would Never Rob A Convenience Store, Insists Roommate

Spider-Man Would Never Rob A Convenience Store, Insists Roommate

It’s not even close to Halloween yet, but a Pennsylvania college student was already out on the town wearing his Spider-Man costume. He visited a convenience store at 1 A.M., and police say that he tried to rob the store. No way, insists his roommate. [More]


Sex On A Pile Of Cash Didn’t Meet Man’s Expectations

For one California man, having sex on a giant pile of money sounded a lot more fun than it actually was. Not because it was uncomfortable or slippery or inconvenient, but because the woman he made these plans with was really a couple of guys who robbed him of the $2,000 he had planned on using for a snuggly soft love nest. [More]


Starbucks Barista Offers Would-Be Robber Free Coffee Instead Of Cash: Robber Accepts

When a would-be robber asked for all of the cash in the register of an Alabama Starbucks, either a quick-thinking cashier or the limits of technology got in his way. According to police, the cashier told him that the drawer wouldn’t open….so would he like a free coffee instead? Score! Free coffee! [More]