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Guy Accused Of Sticking Needles Into Grocery Store’s Packaged Meat “Just For The Hell Of It”

There are crusades, campaigns, and goals that some people are aiming for when they decided to cross the law. But then sometimes there’s no real reason to do others harm: Federal prosecutors say a 68-year-old Illinois man stuck sewing needles into packaged meat at the same grocery store near his home at least seven times “just for the hell of it.” [More]


Police: Man Held Up Waffle House With A Pitchfork, Stole Cash Register

Just because your methods are somewhat antiquated doesn’t mean you can get away with allegedly robbing a Waffle House using a pitchfork as your method of force. Police in Georgia are looking for a man accused of forcing Waffle House employee into the back of the restaurant with the farming tool so he could plunder the register. [More]

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Science Says: Vampire Facials Probably Won’t Keep You Young Like That Hottie Dracula

Just because Kim “We Get Angry Letters When We Mention Her Name” Kardashian is running off to get blood facials, otherwise known as vampire facials, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should, too. However, just because it won’t keep you looking fresh out of the coffin forever and ever doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, say super smart scientists. [More]

Walmart Customers Keep Finding Syringe Needles Inside Clothing

Walmart Customers Keep Finding Syringe Needles Inside Clothing

Oh, wacky Walmart! If it’s not someone getting pepper sprayed on Black Friday, it’s a jab from a syringe needle: Multiple customers in Georgia are claiming they’ve found needles in clothing from Walmart, and in some cases, were stuck by those needles. [More]