Authorities Claim Alleged Thieves Used Drones To Case Victims Before Robbery

So far we know that drones can be used for any number of activities from delivering medicine in Germany to improving sight-seeing near the Space Needle. Now we’re learning they’ve been used for more sinister extra curricular activities, specifically by alleged criminals to case prospective targets.

According to WLNY-TV, authorities in Pennsylvania report they arrested two men with ties to a burglary ring that may be using drones to case possible targets.

Police officials say they arrested two New Jersey men earlier this week in connection with a robbery at an area Verizon store.

A police memo obtained by WLNY revealed that the two men may be part of a burglary ring operating in several states including New Jersey.

One of the men was found to be in possession of at least a dozen cell phones and a drone.

An officer of the police department reports he witnessed the same drone hovering over the police department the day before the Verizon store burglary.

“The way to get into buildings, the easiest way to get into commercial buildings is through different ducts and vents that are on the roof, and that is a way to check and case how they are going to get into buildings without having to climb on the roof in advance,” security expert Dan Coleman tells WLNY.

Footage from the drone showed shots of the Cityplex 12 theater in Newark, as well as, I-495, the Lincoln Tunnel, and West 38th Street in Manhattan.

CBS 2 Exclusive: Cops Say Criminals Are Going High-Tech, Using Drones To Case Victims [WLNY-TV]

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