Suspect In Mall Pretzel Stand Robbery Hides Out In Same Mall’s Chili’s

Image courtesy of (Photos in the Sunset)

Last night, something scary happened at the Macomb mall in Michigan: a man passed a pretzel stand employee a note demanding cash and stating that he had a gun. The employee handed over cash, and the robber left on foot. Police and mall security didn’t have to look very far, it turns out… they spotted the suspect at a standalone Chili’s restaurant that shares a parking lot with the mall.

This was no clever escape: Witnesses actually saw a man fitting the suspect’s description running toward the Chili’s. The suspect had been described as wearing a gray hoodie, gray shorts, an a baseball cap. Mall security found the suspect inside the restaurant. There happened to be a gray hoodie outside of the restaurant, and the hat and shorts were in one of the rest rooms at Chili’s. Hmm.

Police are still investigating the incident, and haven’t charged the man, who claimed that he was just trying to make a reservation at Chili’s, with anything.

Meanwhile, let’s take the opportunity to dedicate this song–arguably the greatest pop song ever recorded about a mall pretzel stand–to the employee who was there for the robbery, which was surely a scary experience. (Warning: song contains some PG language.)

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any uplifting songs about pretzel stands.

Police: Suspect Tried Hiding In Chili’s After Robbing Pretzel Peddler At Macomb Mall [CBS Detroit]

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