Witnesses Report Drone Allegedly Crashed Into Space Needle, Police Find No Evidence Of Actual Impact

Maybe he was just practicing for future drone deliveries? Okay, probably not, but an Amazon employee visiting from out of town allegedly crashed his personal hobby drone into the Space Needle earlier this week.

Several visitors at the Space Needle reported seeing a drone flying near the top of the landmark and allegedly crashing into an observation deck window on Tuesday evening, the Seattle Times reports.

Following the alleged crash witnesses reported that the drone left the area and flew into an open hotel window down the block.

Security staff at the landmark called police to report the incident. Upon arrival, officers say they found no sign of damage.

When officers arrived at the specified hotel room, an occupant admitted to flying a drone near the Space Needle but denied crashing the device.

Officers reviewed video captured by the drone that shows the unmanned aircraft hovering over the Space Needle but nothing in the video indicated the drone had hit the building.

The man agreed not to fly the device for the remainder of this stay in the city.

With companies like Amazon, UPS, and others looking to use drones for commercial purposes, the FAA recently clarified guidelines on legal use of remote-controlled flying devices.

According to the FAA, the personal (i.e., non-commercial) use of drones for taking photos is acceptable, though it’s probably advisable to stay away from towering landmarks — or at least be sure to not crash your drone into one.

SPD: Reports of drone strike on Space Needle greatly exaggerated [Seattle Times]

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