Sex On A Pile Of Cash Didn’t Meet Man’s Expectations

For one California man, having sex on a giant pile of money sounded a lot more fun than it actually was. Not because it was uncomfortable or slippery or inconvenient, but because the woman he made these plans with was really a couple of guys who robbed him of the $2,000 he had planned on using for a snuggly soft love nest.

The 22-year-old had met his new lady friend online, and she mentioned that making love on a mountain of cash was a longtime desire of hers. He didn’t have that kind of cash sitting around, but what he did have was a job at a restaurant where that kind of cash did sit around. He borrowed the money from work–you know, temporarily. Two men just so happened to know that someone carrying a large amount of cash would be walking by, and robbed him at knifepoint outside of the apartment building where they were to meet.

Not only did the girl not exist, but he also lost his job because of the cash he borrowed.

Sex Atop Huge Pile of Money Plan Goes Awry [SF Weekly]

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