Here’s How A Global Cyber Attack Affected The World’s Snack Stash

Image courtesy of David H

The ransomware attacks that returned to Europe in late June affected a variety of large companies around the world, including snack company Mondelez, which had to miss some shipments at the crucial end of the quarter after its computer systems were compromised.

Mondelez is the owner of familiar brands like Oreos, Trident, and Cadbury chocolate, and the late June cyberattack meant that the company had issues with shipping and invoicing products at the end of June. That’s right: A malware infestation affected the entire planet’s access to snack foods.

The company had announced that it was having unspecified technical problems, but didn’t specify whether those were related to a new round of ransomware attacks.

“There are a few markets where we have permanently lost some of that revenue due to holiday feature timing,” the company noted without specifying which markets and holidays those were. Shipments that weren’t holiday-related went out after the beginning of July, and will count for the firm’s third quarter.

Most important for investors, the company’s growth rate and profit margin will stay pretty much the same in spite of the costs associated with this attack. Consumers should experience little or no disruption in our access to Oreos.

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