Maker Of Oreos, Chips Ahoy! And Other Snacks Plans To Offer Significantly More Healthy Treats In Five Years

(Ben Schumin)

The snack aisle at your local supermarket may look a lot healthier in five years. (Ben Schumin)

Perhaps the introduction of the so-called healthier, more adult-focused Thin Oreos earlier this year was a sign that Mondelez, the maker behind the cookies and a plethora of other snacks, was on the fast track to being a health-conscious brand.

The company vowed today to revamp its offering so that in five years 50% of its revenue comes from healthy snacks.

Executive vice president and chief growth officer Mark Clouse says in the release that the company currently records just one-third of its sales from healthy snacks.

“We intend to become the global leader in well-being snacks,” he says in a statement. “Our goal is to simplify and enhance the ingredient and nutritional profile of our base business while also focusing on breakthrough innovation to address consumers’ well-being needs.”

To achieve the new health-focused goal, Clouse says the company will dedicate 70% of new product development efforts on “well-being platforms.”

Those efforts will likely include more individually wrapped snacks that are 200 calories or less and products that have nutritional attributes, such as fewer ingredients and no artificial flavors, Reuters reports.

“If you look at where consumers are going, we have to better position the portfolio to fully unlock the potential for growth,” Clouse said.

In addition to turning toward more healthy fare, Mondelez reaffirmed on Thursday its commitment to increasing revenue of organic products by 3% this year.

[via Reuters]

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