Pranksters Reportedly “Hack” McDonald’s Drive-Thru To Be Vulgar To Customers

Image courtesy of WCTI

There are any number of issues one might encounter when ordering at the drive-thru of their local fast food restaurant — the intercom is broken, you can’t hear the employee, or you receive the wrong order. Customers of one North Carolina McDonald’s recevied a different surprise when placing an order: The “employee” on the other end of the intercom was shouting rude and vulgar language back at them.

WCTI 12 News reports that customers of the New Bern, NC McDonald’s recorded the a two-minute video that captured the intercom spewing lewd comments.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, shows the customers attempting to place an order, and in return receiving some very unfriendly customer service.

“You know I’m actually on the toilet right now, and I’m going to serve you your food, not even going to wash my hands,” the voice over the intercom said.

In a second exchange, the voice on the intercom says “just pull forward, ‘cause I’m going to give you whatever the **** I feel like giving you.”

Lest you think this was some unhinged McDonald’s employee doing his best to get fired, the restaurant tells WCTI that some prankster had apparently hijacked the wireless frequency for the drive-thru speaker, allowing them to be rude to customers in their cars.

A rep for McDonald’s corporate did not provide comment to WCTI.

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