Bank Of America Closing Some Drive-Up Windows In Response To Changing Consumer Banking Habits

If your next trip to the bank involved going to the drive-thru, you might find no one there to greet you. That could certainly be the case if you put your financial needs in the hands of Bank of America, which has plans to close some of its drive-thru windows this year.

The Ozark’s First reports that the move is part of Bank of America’s plan to modify its operations due to changing consumer demands including their increased use of online and mobile banking.

A representative with Bank of America tells Consumerist via email that the decision to close some drive-up windows were based on customer use and preferences.

“At selected locations where drive-up teller use was low, we are discontinuing the drive-up teller service and offering drive-up ATMs only,” the rep writes.

When asked where closures would be taking place or how many locations were affected, the representative said she was unable to provide additional information.

Closing drive-up teller services is part of a growing trend among banks, Ozark’s First reports.

A local sales manager for Arvest Bank tells the publication that branches nationwide are making such changes to improve business operations and cut costs.

“It’s about convenience is really what it is,” he explains. “I think customers are wanting to bank in their pajamas, so to speak, and stay at home.”

He believes that the loss of drive-up teller windows won’t have much of an affect on consumers.

“It may be one less way to make a transaction, but there are still options- mobile, online, telephone, and in store- that you can count on,” he’s says.

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