30 Times Pizza News Made Us Really, Really Happy

Image courtesy of Furgus

While there is absolutely no reason not to celebrate the cheesy glory and wonder that is pizza any and every day of the year, the Department of Arbitrary Holidays has decreed that today is National Pizza Day. What better occasion to remember all those times pizza made us happy?

Of course, every time I eat pizza, I’m riding a wave of pure joy. But then there are the moments when just reading about pizza, or pizza-related activities, has been a wonderful experience in itself. Here’s to many more to come.

Without further ado, here are 30 moments in the news over the last few years that have reminded us of the positive power of pizza.

1. Family Sends Pizza Delivery Guy To Make Sure Grandma Is Okay After Hurricane Matthew

2. Cancer Patient Wins Free Pizza For A Year, Donates His Prize To Local Food Bank

3. Domino’s Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizzas

4. Domino’s Customer Gets Year Of Free Pizza For Returning $5K She Found In Wings Box

5. Nation’s First Pizza ATM Proves Dreams Really Can Come True

6. Domino’s Workers Come To Customer’s Rescue After Noticing He Hadn’t Ordered Pizza Recently 

7. Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Comforts Customer After She Takes A Spill

8. Domino’s Gives Customer Who Returned $1,300 He Found In Wings Box Free Pizza For A Year

9. Study My Taste Buds Agree With Says Women Love Pizza More Than Men Do

10. Behold: There Are Magical Places In This Country Known As “Pizza Farms”

11. Homeowners Accept Buyer’s Offer After She Sweetens The Deal By Offering Free Pizza For Life

12. Delta Air Lines Pilot Gets Pizza Delivered To The Plane For Passengers On Delayed Flight

13. Remembering When America First Met, Fell In Love With Pizza

14. Police In New Hampshire Town Issuing Tickets Good For Free Pizza And French Fries 

15. Pizza Shop Customer Sends Owner Letter Apologizing For Writing Bad Check In 2002, Encloses Money Order

16. Pizzeria Lets Customers Donate Extra Slices To Homeless And Hungry Visitors

17. Everyone Wants To Believe Photo Of Domino’s Worker Delivering Pizza Directly To Bed Of Hungover Man Is Real

18. College Students Pitch In To Tip Delivery Driver $1,268 For Two Pizzas

19. Pizza Hut Offers Free Pizza To Book-It Alumni

20. Police Officers Finish Delivering Order After Pizza Hut Driver Is Injured In Car Crash

21. Pilot Knows How To Handle Stranded Passengers: Buy Them Pizza

You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get a pizza...

You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get a pizza…

22. 9 Things We Learned About A Guy Who Claims He’s Only Eaten Pizza For The Past 25 Years

23. Military Researchers Nearing The “Holy Grail” Of Ready-To-Eat Meals: Pizza

24. Pizza Perfume: For When You Want To Bring A Whiff Of Oregano Everywhere You Go

25. Thank Goodness Someone Is Finally Working On An Emergency Pizza Button

26. Hospital On Flood Of Deliveries For Little Girl: Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Pizza 

27. Please, Domino’s, We Need To Know: What Constitutes “Misuse Of The Pizza”?

28. Pizza Hut Manager Has Good Sense Of Humor, Honors 20-Year-Old Coupon

29. Little Caesar’s Employee Chases Me Down To Give Me Free Pizza

30. Would You Like A Picture Of Yoda Riding A Tauntaun On Your Pizza Box? Just Ask

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