College Students Pitch In To Tip Delivery Driver $1,268 For Two Pizzas


Reading through notes given to him by the students. (

Tipping a lot for pizza isn’t unusual — how else can one adequately express thanks for delivering a cheesey piece of heaven? — but in most cases, “a lot” means maybe $10. But when a bunch of college students pooled their resources to make one pizza guy’s night, they managed to drop a pretty hefty chunk of change on just two pizzas, giving him a $1,268 tip.

Students at Indiana Wesleyan University surprised the pizza delivery guy when he showed up to the university’s chapel service, reports He figured it was just a normal delivery, totaling $12.50 for the two pies… until he was invited up on stage by the chapel’s speaker.

The speaker had handed out note cards to students to write the man a note, and encouraged them to pitch in to give the man “the biggest tip of his life,” which also included $70 in gift cards.

“I was just in awe I really couldn’t say too much,” the delivery driver explained.

“We can do little things and when we’re gathered together, that little thing becomes a big thing of encouraging other people,” said a faculty member.

The students were pretty happy to see immediate effect of their efforts.

“You got to be able to see what his reaction was — complete shock. It was so cool,” said one student.

The driver says his kids will have a good Christmas now, and he’ll pay off bills, fix his car and roof, and remember that day forever.

“It just, I just couldn’t believe it that somebody could be so nice to people out there,” he said.

Indiana Wesleyan surprises pizza delivery man with once-in-a-lifetime tip []

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