Domino’s Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizzas

Image courtesy of Domino’s Japan

When the weather gets rough, you may be more tempted to order food for delivery. But what about the delivery person left battling the elements to bring you your grub? Domino’s Japan thinks it has just the antlered, four-legged solution.

The chain announced in a press release (h/t CNBC) that in an effort to combat the snowy weather winter brings, it’s training reindeer to make deliveries. This way, even if there’s a road blocked by snow, the sturdy animals will be able to make it through and make sure customers won’t have to go without pizza.

Domino’s says it’s teamed up with the Research Center of Hokkaido to make sure the animals are safe, and that they’re only carrying as much weight as they can bear, as far as they can carry it. Each animal is equipped with a GPS tracker so employees can monitor its progress, just like they would a normal delivery.

A video from the company shows the animal being led around a parking lot with delivery boxes attached to its back that then slide off as the animal gets going faster, so it looks like Domino’s staffers had their work cut out for them. That being said, reindeer deliveries are expected to start Dec. 1 — if the animals decide to cooperate, that is.

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