Domino’s Workers Come To Customer’s Rescue After Noticing He Hadn’t Ordered Pizza Recently

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Maintaining a good relationship with loyal customers is always important for businesses, but workers at an Oregon Domino’s took that closeness a step further, stepping in to save a customer’s life when they realized that he hadn’t been ordering pizza like he usually does.

Employees at the Domino’s were concerned after they hadn’t received an order from a regular customer in 11 days, reports.

He’s been ordering from that location since 2009, the general manager says.

“He orders every day, every other day,” she told the news station. “His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and we’re like, ‘Oh, Kirk’s order.’”

After they realized the unusual gap in his orders, the manager sent one of the pizza delivery drivers to the customer’s home to check on him, knowing that the man has health issues.

When the driver arrived, he saw lights on and heard the TV, but no one answered the door and the phone went straight to voicemail. He called for help, and when paramedics arrived, they found the customer lying on the ground in his house. It’s believed he had a stroke, but it’s not clear when he was affected.

The manager says she’s visited him in the hospital, and though he didn’t talk much, he smiled. She called him “an important customer,” saying he’s part of the family at Domino’s.

“I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot,” she said. “We felt like we needed to do something.”

This isn’t the first time a Domino’s customer has been saved by restaurant workers: back in 2011, a Domino’s delivery driver checked on an elderly customer in Memphis, TN who hadn’t called in a few days, and ended up saving her life as well.

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