Homeowners Accept Buyer’s Offer After She Sweetens The Deal By Offering Free Pizza For Life

When it comes to buying a home, prospective buyers are always looking for bargaining tools that can help them get a leg up on the competition. And in Portland, OR’s competitive real estate market, one new homeowner found the leverage she needed to close the deal in the form of free pizza for the sellers — for life.

After the homeowners put their house on the market a few days ago, they had four offers within just three days, reports Fox 12 News, but one prospective buyer stood out for a cheesy, delicious reason: As the owner of a local pizzeria, she was willing to throw in a free pizza for the family every month.

Along with the pizza, she offered $26,000 over the asking price and included free rent for the two months it’d take the family to move out.

“I’m willing to do anything because I know this market is crazy,” the pizzeria owner says of throwing in the pizza deal. “You kind of have to get creative at this point.”

The homeowners felt like it was the right choice as well.

“I really feel like they wanted this place, and they understood where the seller was coming from, and they built an offer around that,” the current owner explained to Fox 12.

At $20 a pizza every month for 40 years, all those pies add up to about $10,000. It’s all worth it, says the new owner.

“I’m going to be buying them a pizza for life, so I will know them very well. I’ll watch their kids grow up,” she said.

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