Police In New Hampshire Town Issuing Tickets Good For Free Pizza And French Fries

This is what fries look like, sometimes. (Dyanna Hyde)

This is what fries look like, sometimes. (Dyanna Hyde)

I’m halfway out the door already: Police in a New Hampshire town are rewarding residents for good behavior by issuing them with tickets that are good for free pizza and French fries. I repeat: FREE PIZZA AND FRENCH FRIES.

Winter has been tough in Farmington, N.H., so the police department thought it might be nice to make people happy for getting through the season, reports WMUR.com.

Cops are now roving the town, on the lookout for good citizens to reward with calorie-laden, delicious prizes.

“We’ll be looking not only for people in violation of our laws in the state of New Hampshire, but we’ll also be looking out for people that are following the law – using crosswalks, driving properly, using turn signals,” Chief John Drury of the Farmington Police Department told WMUR.

Residents won’t have to go through the dread of being pulled over with lights or sirens, however — cops will make sure to hand out gift cards safely. Those cards have been donated by a local restaurant, which saw the opportunity to bring people in adfer the chief offered to pay for them all.

“We’ll know that they’re good and they can get a free small fry or grab a slice of pizza – whatever the coupon entitles them to – and they can get on with their day,” a manager at the restaurant told the station. “It’s definitely the best ticket to be getting around here. That’s for sure.”

The original plan for the droolworthy tickets was limited to just March, but police said they might repeat the project in the future if all goes well this time around. What can go wrong when pizza and French fries get together? I’ll let you answer that yourself.

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