9 Things We Learned About A Guy Who Claims He’s Only Eaten Pizza For The Past 25 Years

We’ve all got our culinary predilections — I will fight you if you touch my cheese curds — but there are favorite foods and then there are extreme acts of food devotion. To wit: A guy who’s claimed he’s only eaten pizza, and only pizza, every day for the last 25 years.

Vice’s Justin Levy interviews his friend Dan, a 38-year-old diabetic who hates vegetables and survives entirely on that beloved combination of carbs, cheese and sauce. Mmm, pizza. Anyway!

Here’s what we learned about Dan, the “I only eat pizza” Man:

1. He has only been eating pizza — just cheese, no other toppings — every day of his life for the past 25 years, after deciding to become a vegetarian. But he hates vegetables, so he chose pizza.

2. He usually eats an entire 14″ pizza in one day.

3. All pizzas are not the same: “If I go to one pizza shop or another brand, it’s like eating a completely different meal.”

4. His favorite pizza is a Rochester, N.Y.-based chain called Pontillo’s.

5. He sees a therapist for what he calls both his “food aversion” and his “pizza addiction.” But he still hasn’t tried any other foods… yet.

6. He has diabetes — but most doctors seem okay with it besides the endocrinologist he met with at first, he says: ” But all the other doctors have said, “Your cholesterol is fine. You seem healthy. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

7. Dan feels great, despite your expectations to the contrary: “I must say, even though I sound like a horribly unhealthy and fat person, I’m not. I’m thin. I have tons of energy, and I feel great every day, so there might be something to the exclusive pizza diet.”

8. It’s doubtful he’s eating a lot of homemade pizza, at least by his own hands, as he “never really understood cooking.”

9. He does want to someday eat something other than pizza, though he’ll never give up his “love and passion” for the pie. Mostly because it’d be nice to eat out at a non-pizza restaurant with his fiancée: “I would like to be able to go to a restaurant where they didn’t serve pizza and order off the menu, which I can’t really do right now. ”

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