Doritos Reloaded Queso-Coated Nightmare Is Being Tested At Burger King

Image courtesy of (Ashlee KIeler)

(Ashlee KIeler)

(Ashlee KIeler)

What’s that? You live in an area where there are no 7-Eleven stores, but you secretly dream of experiencing the convenience store chain’s exclusive Doritos Loaded? The product, which apparently combined the worst features of mozzarella sticks and nachos, could only be found in a few 7-Eleven stores last year. People in other places might have the opportunity to try them now, since Burger King has been testing the cheese bites in a few locations.

To refresh your memory about this particular “warm cheese snack,” we learned that they were available last year just a few blocks from Consumerist’s Washington bureau, and hazed some new staffers by making them try the cheesy treats. We don’t normally test food items ourselves, but couldn’t resist the opportunity when they were so close by.

doritos 2When our colleague Ashlee tried them, she described them as tasting like “a reheated, damp cheese stick with a sprinkle of Doritos flavor and pepper.” That sounds unpleasant and like something that Burger King would be better off not inflicting on the public, especially in the wake of their popular revival of the very tasty chicken fries.

What they’re supposed to taste like are queso-dipped Doritos, but the idea isn’t quite there yet. Has the recipe improved? We can only hope so. If you happen to see a Burger King promoting this item, let Marvo over at The Impulsive Buy know: he wants to figure out where they’re being tested. So far there’s been one confirmed sighting, in Queens, NY.

Maybe the recipe has changed slightly, but I’m not really keen to try this product and find out.

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