KFC Figures “Why Not Make A Pizza Crust Out Of Fried Chicken Too?”

If you’d thought KFC had hit rock bottom in its quest to mine every possible acceptable use for fried chicken when it tried the Double Down Hot Dog earlier this year, you were wrong. Very wrong.

Yesterday, KFC Philippines announced the “KFChizza,” which if you haven’t already guessed and then lost your appetite for both chicken and pizza, is a pizza where the crust has been replaced by KFC fried chicken.

As BGR notes, the basic chicken parm has already set the precedent for slathering a breaded chicken cutlet with tomato sauce and cheese, but in our experience the cutlet in a chicken parm is nowhere near as distinctly seasoned as the stuff you get at KFC. Additionally, everyone knows that a good chicken parm uses a bread-crumb coating as opposed to traditional fried chicken you’d get from KFC or elsewhere.

[via Eater]

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