Now Burger King Is Just Throwing Doritos On A Burger Because It Can

These days, it seems if you want to put a twist on your everyday, boring fast food items, you can just throw a bunch of chips on something or mix it with Cheetos and call it a day. On that note, we’d like to introduce you to Burger King’s latest test, a steakhouse burger topped with Doritos.

The test kitchens at Restaurant Brands International (owners of Burger King) have emitted their latest frankenfood: two meat patties covered in American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and a handful of Doritos (it’s unclear which flavor but my guess would be Nacho Cheese). You won’t get to try it, however, unless you’re in Spain, The Street reports, where the burger is reportedly a limited time offer at all the chain’s restaurants through Nov. 21.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see this latest zany mashup wash up on our shores, however, as Spain is one of BK’s biggest European markets. If it does well there, it could be introduced in the U.S. as well.

Burger King seems to have a love affair with odd food mashups: there was the $1 burger with a few french fries slapped on top; a foray into the snack world with Mac N’ Cheetos, and most recently, the chain’s Whopperito, which is just the makings for a burger wrapped up in a tortilla.

These weird ideas seem to be working for Burger King so far, The Street notes, as the chain is doing better than many of its competitors. Though U.S. same-store sales stayed the same in the second quarter as part of a generally sluggish fast food environment, Burger King’s same-store sales rose 4.2% in the first quarter. Shares of Restaurants Brands have also gone up 28% this year.

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