Taco Bell Has Decided To Inflict Taco With Fried Egg Shell On The Entire Country

Image courtesy of Taco Bell

Earlier this spring, Taco Bell continued its assault on the definition of “taco” by testing a new breakfast item in Michigan that involved putting stuff inside a fried egg and calling it a Naked Breakfast Taco. Now, the fast food giant is taking the item nationally. 

Taco Bell announced today that the Naked Egg Taco will debut on menus across the country starting Aug. 31.

The new $2 breakfast item is created by flattening and frying an egg, then shaping it like a taco. Not unlike the way the fast food giant sculpted its fried chicken shells for the currently unavailable Naked Chicken Chalupa.

Once the egg shell is formed, Taco Bell stuffs it with diced potatoes, sausage crumbles or bacon, nacho cheese, and shredded cheddar.

For those less adventurous eaters, the Naked Breakfast Taco can be ordered “dressed,” or at least stuffed inside a flatbread.

To mark the new item’s debut, Taco Bell says it will allow customers in New York, Austin, Chicago, and Laguna Beach to reserve a table at select restaurants to taste the taco.

What’s A Taco?

Taco Bell has been working to redefine “taco” as “just taking one piece of food and wrapping it around some other pieces of food” for years.

“Shell innovation is at the core of where we experiment – and whether it’s crispy chicken, biscuits or waffles that wrap up menu item classics – we bring our fans craveable and unexpected food experiences that leave them wanting more,” Liz Matthews, Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell Corp., said in a statement.

In 2013, it began testing the Waffle Taco, which was really just a waffle folded over some breakfast food.

A year later, it said “hey, let’s try the same thing, but with biscuits!,” only to then move on to trying it all over again with croissants.

In February, the company dropped its fried chicken shell Chalupa on customers nationally. The Naked Chicken Chalupa was created by frying a piece of four-ounce breaded and seasoned white meat chicken into a shell that is then filled with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and avocado ranch sauce. The item was taken off the menu in March.

Prior to that, the company created the Doritos Locos Taco, using a shell fashioned out regular cheese Doritos, and eventually Cooler Ranch and Fiery Doritos. 

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