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Couple Says Taco Bell Nachos Came With Extra, Unwanted Crunch: A Fake Fingernail

Here’s to hoping you’ve already eaten your lunch, because if you haven’t, you might want to do that first. We can all appreciate a crunchy serving of chips, cheese and tasty toppings, but one Florida couple says that their Taco Bell nachos came with an added bit of texture in the form of a long, acrylic fingernail at the bottom of their order. [More]

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Doritos Reloaded Queso-Coated Nightmare Is Being Tested At Burger King

What’s that? You live in an area where there are no 7-Eleven stores, but you secretly dream of experiencing the convenience store chain’s exclusive Doritos Loaded? The product, which apparently combined the worst features of mozzarella sticks and nachos, could only be found in a few 7-Eleven stores last year. People in other places might have the opportunity to try them now, since Burger King has been testing the cheese bites in a few locations.

The little-known "Stadium Nacho," which is a refined blend of cheddar and Romano cheeses, with an insouciant hint of brand marketing for Madden NFL. (photo: Paxton Holley)

“Nacho Cheese” Is Whatever You Want It To Be

Those of us who grew up with orange-tinted fingers and salt-cured lips from spending too much time feeding at the Dorito trough know what “nacho” cheese is, or at least we know what it tastes like. But the fact is that, unlike most other well-known cheese varieties, there is no actual definition for what constitutes the cheese we call nacho. [More]

KFC Australia Puts Tortilla Chips On Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken On Nachos

KFC Australia Puts Tortilla Chips On Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken On Nachos

Over at KFC Australia, they seem to be a little confused about how nachos work. Not that Americans have any special claim to snack food logic, but at least our fast food outlets haven’t done anything completely wacky like throwing popcorn chicken on nachos, or tortilla chips on a sandwich. [More]

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We’re So Glad Someone Thought To Chronicle The Evolution Of Concession Stand Nachos

There’s nothing quite like a concession stand container of nachos: its cup of orange, oozing, hot nacho cheese nuzzled up against the very tortilla utensils we use to scoop it up and deposit it into our eagerly awaiting mouths. But like so many foods and snacks out there, perhaps we’ve been taking this gooey goodness for granted. Thank goodness not everyone has been so remiss. [More]

National Customer Service Week Topped With Nacho Cheese

Charity Sarabosing does got a first place trophy for customer service. And some carts came around to her cubicle and gave her free nachos AND a sundae!!! AWESOME!!!