portable nachos


Taco Bell’s Portable “Walking Nachos” Spotted In The Wild

Have you ever tried eating nachos on the go? It can be a messy, cheesy endeavor. In an attempt to make chowing down on that meal a bit less chaotic, Taco Bell announced last week that it would test “Walking Nachos,” a portable bag of chips, cheese, and meat. Now, we’re getting our first look at the menu items.  [More]

(Ashlee KIeler)

Doritos Reloaded Queso-Coated Nightmare Is Being Tested At Burger King

What’s that? You live in an area where there are no 7-Eleven stores, but you secretly dream of experiencing the convenience store chain’s exclusive Doritos Loaded? The product, which apparently combined the worst features of mozzarella sticks and nachos, could only be found in a few 7-Eleven stores last year. People in other places might have the opportunity to try them now, since Burger King has been testing the cheese bites in a few locations.