Burger King Unleashes “Mac n’ Cheetos,” Which Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

If you’ve ever looked at a plate of glowing, orange-ish mac and cheese and thought, “Hey, this looks a bit like a Cheeto… they should put mac and cheese inside of huge Cheetos… where’s my shoe?” then Burger King has apparently been reading your mind, announcing the test of, what else, “Mac n’ Cheetos.”

Burger King debuted the concoction on Wednesday, describing it as a portable snack mashup as a “dangerously cheesy re-imagination” that combines creamy mac n’ cheese covered with crispy Cheetos flavor.

The unholy fast food combination — which looks like a typical Cheeto only stuffed with macaroni noodles and a cheese sauce — will be available at unspecified participating Burger King restaurants for a limited time starting June 27, and will be sold in orders of five pieces for $2.49.

Mac N Cheetos Box

Burger King says the new snack item is for anyone who “wished they could eat warm mac n’ cheese like they do a bag of chips.” Totally appealing, no?

This, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve seen companies combine traditional meals with popular chip flavors.

In fact, Burger King’s new creation brings back memories of that time we tried 7-Eleven’s Doritos-cheese stick hybrid: the Doritos Loaded.

While the convenience store took the snack on the road to more locations after about four months of testing, our own (unscientific) experience with the item was described as a “place where Doritos and cheese sticks go to die.”

Perhaps we have Taco Bell to blame for the chip-snack-cheese mashup. The company kicked off the chip-flavored trend with the cheesy nacho-flavored Doritos Locos Taco back in 2011, and its other iterations, the Cool Ranch and Fiery Doritos tacos.

Taco Bell obviously wasn’t done with its love affair of chips, either, as the company began testing a Cheetos filled Crunchwrap slider in Canada earlier this year.

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