Woman Killed After Trying To Save Daughter From Tiger Attack At Chinese Wildlife Park

Woman Killed After Trying To Save Daughter From Tiger Attack At Chinese Wildlife Park

While there are many opportunities for us humans to brush up against wildlife, there’s always the risk of getting too close to nature. A recent tragic incident at a drive-through wildlife park in China shows just how dangerous it can be to interact with wild animals, which are, well, still wild, even if we have up-close-and-personal access to them. [More]

Park Service: To Avoid Risk Of Animal Attack, Stop Trying To Get Up Close & Personal


It’s that time of year again: the weather is nice, and our nation’s parks are full of visitors who want to check out all that nature has to offer. But yet again the National Park Service finds itself forced to remind folks that if they don’t want to find themselves facing down, say, a charging bison, you shouldn’t try to get too close just for the sake of a souvenir photo. [More]

Beaver Wanders Into A Lowe’s Store, Finds Nothing Useful

Beaver Wanders Into A Lowe’s Store, Finds Nothing Useful

If you find a trip to your local home-improvement superstore daunting and stressful, imagine being a young adult beaver preparing to build your first home. One of the rodents wandered into the chain’s location in Fairbanks, Alaska, and wandered the store’s aisles aimlessly. It was as likely to find twigs and mud as you are to agree on a paint shade for the master bedroom. [More]

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TSA Busts Passenger Allegedly Trying To Fly With Bear Paws In His Luggage

We’ve heard many a tale of travelers accused of trying to move things they shouldn’t through the air in their luggage, attempts that are often thwarted by the Transportation Security Administration’s airport checkpoints. But while we’re used to hearing about concealed weapons or live wildlife, officials say one traveler allegedly upped the “what not to pack” ante by toting bear paws and other parts in his bags. [More]

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“Stressed Out” Badger Prevents Staff And Guests From Entering, Leaving Luxury Hotel

Guests and staff at a luxury hotel in Stockholm found themselves at the whim of one erratic badger, whose aggressive stance kept anyone from either entering or leaving the place for some time this morning. Want to pick up your bags or go through those revolving doors? Nope. Much like his honey-loving cousin, hotel badger does not care what you want. [More]


DEA Agent Says Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Utah Will Lead To Stoned Rabbits

There are many arguments for and against using marijuana legally in this country, whether for medical use or for fun, but one drug enforcement official’s reason for his stance against legalizing it in Utah is surely one nobody’s about to forget: He says wild bunnies will get high off the stuff. [More]

(New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection)

Dumpster Diving Bear Cub Rescued After Getting Cookie Jar Stuck On Its Head

While the relationship between Mother Nature and the Human World might be getting a bit too cozy, turning wild animals into bargoers and birthday bashers, which while adorable, is not good for either party involved, it’s still pretty adorable to imagine a bear cub with a cookie jar stuck on its head getting a big rescue. [More]

Deer Wanders Into Frozen Yogurt Shop, Does $5,000 In Damage

Deer Wanders Into Frozen Yogurt Shop, Does $5,000 In Damage

Frozen yogurt is currently quite trendy, but we didn’t know that word had spread to wildlife. Yet a deer psuhed through the swinging door of a Peachwave shop in New Jersey last month and had an exciting romp, doing $5,000 in damage to the shop as it freaked out that its hooves couldn’t get any traction on the shiny floor. [More]

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Restaurant Drives Away Dumpster-Diving Bear With Spike Strips

Vandals kept moving the dumpsters behind a Colorado Springs restaurant and rifling through the trash, so the owners set up surveillance cameras to catch the culprits. The vandals turned out to be a bear pushing the trash containers around and pawing through them. The restaurant decided to drive the bear away using boards spiked with nails. [More]

Government Wipes Out Geese Population In Brooklyn To Ensure Airplane Safety

Government Wipes Out Geese Population In Brooklyn To Ensure Airplane Safety

In what has come to be known as “Sully’s Revenge” (by me, just now), wildlife biologists herded about 400 geese from Brooklyn’s ginormous Prospect Park into cages last week, then “took them to a nearby building where they were gassed with lethal doses of carbon dioxide.” [More]

BP Is Working Very Hard To Keep Reporters Away From Dead Marine Animals

BP Is Working Very Hard To Keep Reporters Away From Dead Marine Animals

According to a BP contractor who took a few reporters on a secret tour of the oil-soaked dead wildlife of the Gulf Coast, the company’s post-oil-spill logic makes perfect sense. Keep reporters and dignitaries far, far away from dead and dying animals, and if they wait long enough, the evidence (i.e. the animal corpses) will wash out to sea. [More]

Buy Your Giant Snakes While They're Still Affordable

Buy Your Giant Snakes While They're Still Affordable

Wired reports that the government is considering a ban on the import of Burmese pythons and eight other “injurious species” of snake, because loser pet owners in Florida keep releasing them into the wild where they breed and take over. If enacted, the ban would only affect imports, not sales by breeders in the US, but prices will probably shoot up. [More]

Bear Wanders In Wisconsin Grocery Store, Chills In Beer Department

Bear Wanders In Wisconsin Grocery Store, Chills In Beer Department

We know that it’s not good for bears to be be too dependent on human food, but one black bear in Wisconsin took things even farther, wandering inside a grocery store, heading straight for the liquor department, and taking a leisurely nap on a shelf in the beer cooler.

Walmart Frozen Green Beans Come With Free Frog

Walmart Frozen Green Beans Come With Free Frog

Mmm, delicious green beans! Oh wait, what’s that? Kermit, nooooooo!

This Foreclosed Property Is An Excellent Home For Bobcats

This Foreclosed Property Is An Excellent Home For Bobcats

Unlike prospective homebuyers, this pair of bobcats went absolutely wild over a foreclosed Lake Elsinore home. According to the L.A. Times, the bobcats were likely attracted by an outdoor koi pond, which isn’t just decorative, but serves as a fabulous source of drinking water. Like any suburban couple, the pair is expected to stay until the kids are old enough to leave.

Palin Takes Protecting Polar Bears "Very Seriously"

Palin Takes Protecting Polar Bears "Very Seriously"

For the sake of balance, vis-à-vis Obama’s Taking It Seriously, here’s one for Sarah Palin.

Birds Live In Virginia Safeway Store

Birds Live In Virginia Safeway Store

Jose writes, I thought that the long lines and the produce always being out of stock was bad enough, but then I noticed the small family of birds living at my local Safeway (Nutley St, Fairfax, VA).

Downtown Chicago Quiznos Infested With… Coyotes?

Downtown Chicago Quiznos Infested With… Coyotes?

Of course, it’s a bit odd that a coyote would seek refuge in a Quiznos sandwich, but that’s what Adrian did, strolling east on Adams in the post-lunch crowd. He walked in the front door that had been propped open because of the warm weather. He settled into the beverage cooler after unsuccessfully trying to vault the counter.